Track: Poison & Wine
Artist: The Civil Wars
Played: 140 times

♪ - Poison & Wine | The Civil Wars
  OTH S8E18: ”Quiet Little Voices” 

Track: Just Breathe
Artist: Pearl Jam
Played: 179 times

♪ - Just Breathe | Pearl Jam
  OTH S8E2: ”I can’t see you, but I know you’re There”

Track: Why You Wanna
Artist: Jana Kramer
Played: 1859 times

- Why You Wanna | Jana Kramer (Alex Dupre)
  OTH S8E22: ”This is my house, this is my Home”

Track: War Sweater
Artist: Wakey!Wakey!
Played: 449 times

War Sweater | Wakey!Wakey!
OTH S6E24: ”Remember me as a time of Day” 

Track: Flying Machine
Artist: Everly
Played: 2439 times

Flying Machine | Bethany Joy Lenz (Everly)
OTH S7E13: ”Weeks go by like Days”

Track: Girl In the Moon
Artist: Everly
Played: 177 times


Girl In The Moon | Bethany Joy Lenz (Everly)

Track: Secret Crowds
Artist: Angels & Airwaves
Played: 69 times

Secret Crowds | Angels & Airwaves
One Tree Hill S6E10: ”Even fairytale characters would be jealous” 

Track: Home
Artist: Foo Fighters
Played: 40 times

Home | Foo Fighters
One Tree Hill S5E13: ”Echoes, silence, patience & grace” 

Track: Broken
Artist: Lifehouse
Played: 81 times

Broken | Lifehouse
One Tree Hill S5E9: ”For tonight you’re only here to know” 

Song Beneath The Song | Maria Taylor
One Tree Hill S3E8: ”The worst day since yesterday”